HOD                        : Dr. Ram Pal Chaudhary

Office phone             : 01672-253206

Residence                  :01672-253207


An understanding of chemical principles is crucial in numerous fields and areas where natural phenomena must be understood and controlled at the fundamental molecular level. Chemistry is a vibrant science of its own and often times also serves as the “central science”, or core molecular science, that currently drives important advances in many other disciplines (e.g. biology, materials science). Students taking course in Chemistry are well prepared to go on in technical education of an Indian University. The Department offers courses to about 800 students each year.

Besides teaching, faculty have active, funded programs that stretch this traditional structure to cover an exciting array of interdisciplinary research areas including the synthesis and characterization of novel materials, nanostructures, supramolecular structures, environmental science and molecular modeling. Active collaborations between research groups in this department and other departments enrich the research opportunities of our Ph. D. students.

We are excited about the growing research opportunities being pursued by our faculty and hope that you can visit us to personally to see if this is where you want to be.