Co-Principal/Principal Investigator : Prof. Dhiraj Sud

Quantitation of cation binding by thiamacrocycles based exchangers and the design of highly selective concentration and Purification columns for cations, Council of Scientific &Industrial Research, Rs. 4.66 lakhs

Study on characterization and treatment of effluents from electroplating industries, Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi, 11 Lakhs

Photo assisted oxidative detoxification of pollutants and design of photochemical reactor for treatment of Industrial effluents, MHRD, New Delhi, 11 Lakhs

Advancement of existing facilities in environmental lab to establish Environment monitoring and control Center, MHRD, New Delhi, 15 Lakhs

Combinational Photochemical and Biological approach for complete mineralization of Pulp and Paper Mill effluents,MHRD, New Delhi, 15 Lakhs


 Co-Principal/Principal Investigator : Prof. H.K. Chopra

Synthetic Developments in S-Triazines- A new Approach from N-Substituted--aminoisothiocyanates, CSIR, New Delhi, 3.25 Lakhs

Iron (III) Perchlorate- A Versatile Reagent in Organic Synthesis, UGC, New Delhi, 4.33 Lakhs

Antibiotics from Trichoderma Species- Their isolation and synthesis, AICTE, New Delhi, 2.5 Lakhs

Bench Scale Production of Lactose free Milk, MHRD, New Delhi, 6.00 Lakhs

Lactulose production by permeabilized yeast cells using immobilized cell technology, CSIR, New Delhi, 16.76 Lakhs

Biorefining of Kinnow Mandarin Waste for the Extraction of Bioactive Compounds for the Development of Novel Functional Foods using Green Technologies, CSIR, New Delhi, 28, 27,000/-

Consultancy Projects:

Biosynthesis of Ivermectin and its Analogues, Pharmaffiliates Analytics & Synthetics (P) Ltd., 50, 000/-

Production of Novel Rapamycin Analogs, Pharmaffiliates Analytics & Synthetics (P) Ltd., 1, 29, 594/-


Co-Principal/Principal Investigator : Prof. B.K. Kanungo

Synthesis and study of allosteric effect of some macrocyclic and macrobicyclic complexes of transition metals

Syntheses and Structural studies of potetial precursors for ordered III-V semiconductors and epitaxial electronic materials

Infrastructure augmentation for synthetic, supramolecular and materials chemistry

Quantitation of cation binding by thiamacrocycles based exchangers and the design of highly selective concentration and purification columns for cation

Sol-gel mediated preparation of substituted barium titanates ad study of their dielectric properties Design, Synthesis and Study of Biologically Active Iron(III) Carrier: A Molecular Modeling Approach